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Allegheny County

Branding, Web Design and Development

Allegheny County Logo

Client:Allegheny County, PA

Capabilities:Web Design & Development

Link:Allegheny County Website

Home to Pittsburgh and one of the key cities in America’s rise as an industrial power, Allegheny County, Pennsylvania has undergone a huge transformation over the last several decades. Moving from an economy based on steel production, to one centered on research, education, healthcare, and the arts, this region is truly an American success story. Despite these successes however, perception of the area seemed to still be that of Big Steel. To spread awareness of the growth and opportunities the area presented, Allegheny County and Carousel30 teamed up to enhance their web presence in an effort to create a foundation for the future of Allegheny County.


Promote the advantages of a growing area.

The challenge

With the perception of Allegheny County being that of Big Steel and a bygone era, Carousel30 and Allegheny County worked together to discover, define and create a brand that reflected the innovation and growth present in Allegheny County while still paying homage to its industrial roots. This process of discovery led to the development of a new logo and tagline, and thereafter a new website for Allegheny County which provided the brand with a world-class online experience, a platform that could be updated internally rather than relying on a Web team, and the strong foundation needed to support the County’s growth over time.


Defining the brand of a county.

The process

“Always Inspiring” was chosen as the new tagline as it reflected the spirit of constant innovation and evolution that the county was looking to promote. Starting with the new tagline and an accompanying logo that reflected the diversity of the region, came the website that would live up to the challenge that the tagline presented. Among the features included within the website were a new “How Do I…” feature which allows visitors to quickly find answers to commonly asked questions that are context-specific, and a mobile-friendly EPiSERVER/Ektron Content Management System platform which provides Allegheny a familiar platform to manage content in a flexible way, allowing specific editing where needed, and global updates elsewhere.


An informative and easily navigated website.

The solution

Through the completion of six phases, Allegheny County was provided a new logo, tagline, and website on the Ektron CMS platform which were all aligned to the organization’s branding and marketing goals. The dynamic web presence developed has allowed Allegheny County to illustrate the many diverse opportunities, events and locations present throughout the area, while also providing a great user experience for users to navigate the 6,000+ page website.