World War II Memorial

In the fall of 2014, the Trust for the National Mall wanted to create a mobile experience that enhances the experience of visiting the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC. Together with the National Park Service and funders including Altria and the Dr. Scholl Foundation, the Trust worked with a stellar team to create a mobile experience for those visiting the historic monument.

Mobile App (iOS and Android)

The team creating this app consisted of the Carousel30 team, who provided strategy, design and project management/logistics, Element84 who provided user experience and mobile development, History Associates who did research and development for all content included in the app, and Brightline Interactive who provided creative ideas and user experience expertise. Together, this team produced an app that augments user experience of the memorial through several different types of interactive experiences using a Content Management System that allows self sustainable updates without requiring a new version to be pushed to the app stores.

The app featured a self-guided tour that guides users through all of the content of the app. There is a scavenger hunt that guides users through several different scenarios to teach users important facts about World War II and the Memorial by encouraging the collection of badges. Users can learn more about the people for whom the memorial was created as well—a set of personal stories of World War II veterans is available for perusal, which includes representation from every US state and territory, and the Atlantic and Pacific theaters as well as the homefront.

This mobile app can be downloaded on both iOS and Android devices.