The Washington Center

The Washington Center for Internships and Academic Seminars (TWC) is the largest independent, non-profit academic internship program in the country. It provides students with enriching internship experiences for college and university students in Washington, DC and other select locations. Founded in 1975, it has grown to include students from around the world, hundreds of colleges and universities, and civic, governmental and business organizations all working to provide students with unique educational and career development experiences.

Carousel30 partnered with The Washington Center to develop its digital strategy and brand after an internal rebranding effort. This called for a comprehensive restructuring of all its online presences. As a large and complex organization with multiple programs and partners, TWC’s online brand was fragmented and in need of a cohesive solution including a customer relationship management tool to organize its external communications. Carousel30 worked to design and develop a website using a Drupal Content Management System with advanced workflow and search technology coupled with Salesforce CRM capabilities.

In addition to the higher education website, TWC’s social media landscaped lacked cohesion and strategy. Different programs within the organization and various partners were independently operating Facebook pages, diluting the organization’s brand. Carousel30 recommended and implemented a comprehensive online communications strategy that united TWC’s many audiences and consolidated the brand under the new website. By separating TWC’s social media pages between potential and current students and TWC alumni, relevant content was more targeted, raising awareness and participation for all groups.

Carousel30 also assessed and recommended a more targeted strategy for TWC’s Google Grants AdWords. Confined by $2.00 maximum ad buys in a popular search term environment (Can you imagine how many college students are Googling the term ‘internship’ right now?), The Washington Center needed a strategy that would maximize ad visibility and relevance while still remaining eligible for the Google Grants donation program. Carousel30 created a new strategy, finessing the AdWord Campaigns to be specific to internship programs offered by TWC, and adding in long-tailed keywords matched to the AdGroup and Campaign name to increase Quality Score. Carousel30 also made landing page recommendations. The result was astonishing: in just the first month of implementation, TWC’s AdWords saw an increase of impressions, clicks, and costs (all increasing by over 50% each), a conversion increase of over 40%. Clicks increased for all campaigns that Carousel30 created and implemented, and the quality score of all campaigns improved drastically with the new strategy.