Solution Search

While many conservation initiatives only talk about problems, the purpose of Solution Search is to find ways to solve challenges and make them available to everyone around the world.

We worked with Rare, one of the premier conservation nonprofit organizations in the world, to reimagine and recreate their Solution Search website. This global competition allows entrants to submit their solutions to environmental challenges and compete for prizes to fund their efforts. All of the entrants' solutions are featured on the site, and 10 finalists are given special prominence.

Drupal CMS Development with a Responsive Design Approach

The website was created in Drupal, using a responsive framework. We took care to design a site that was lightweight enough to be mobile friendly around the world, and still visually appealing and easy to use. The competition system we created handles multiple concurrent contests, allows voting via SMS, and plots each entrant on a global map.

Best of all, it is simple for non-technical administrators to run and manage the contests. With a simple action, a contest progresses from one phase to the next, highlighting the relevant features and content for that phase of the competition. From the initial call for entries to the public voting phase, to final judging by a panel of industry experts and ultimately to the finalist announcement, the website provides a seamless experience for both visitor and admin.