Regional Bank Client

Regional Bank Digital Advertising Strategy and Approach

Carousel30 worked with a regional banking client to create a social media advertising strategy for Facebook that would help to increase applications on a product that had been on the market for a couple years. The client challenged Carousel30 to create a strategy that would solidify brand message and voice, identify audience targeting sets, and increase engagement and awareness amongst the brand’s social media channels to ultimately increase conversions which would be measured as product applications.

Regional Bank Marketing and Advertising Strategy
Strategy Development

The focus of the advertising campaign was to improve engagement on the Facebook platform and increase conversions through reaching key audiences. With this, a targeting strategy using third-party insights about core audiences was used to develop a content strategy which would be used to encourage the desired behavior of a conversion. Through data visualization, it became apparent that while the key audiences were within the brand’s reach, they were not educated enough about the subject to realize their immediate need for the product. As such, educating the audience became a major part of the content strategy Carousel30 recommended. To better understand how to target these individuals specifically on Facebook, Carousel30 completed content and audience audits to determine that the 3 areas to be focused on were the following: Audience Segmentation > Audience Interests > Audience A/B Testing, to truly understand how to reach these individuals and accomplish the client’s goals and objectives beyond the advertising campaign itself.

Audience Targeting and Optimization

As an agency that understands how to connect people with the things they need and want, the regional bank client allowed us to take a targeted approach by creating a strategy that encompassed new targeting approaches, A/B Testing, and tools not yet utilized by the brand. Based on the audience demographics and interests, content was created and provided for a period of 8 weeks. With no prior advertising data to build upon, Carousel30 took a funnel approach and determined the strategy needed to be one that was built on 4 layers of A/B Testing to further understand the specific interests, preferences, demographics, and locations of the audience which would be made more specific overtime.

The end result was a thorough buyers persona map and strategy for each of the target audiences which included a compilation of personalized messaging, demographics, and interests. In creating this strategy, Carousel30 helped the regional bank understand and target their consumers on a deeper and more personal level to increase application submissions of the banking product.