PAHO Foundation

As the nonprofit fundraising partner of the Pan American Health Organization, affiliated with United Nations and the World Health Organization (WHO), PAHO Foundation has a unique role in supporting public health initaitives in the Americas. While it has play a key role in countless initiatives in controlling disease and educating the public, the PAHO Foundation brand itself was in need of clearer strategic direction.

Carousel30, partnering with Hagen inc., were brought in to help identify the organization’s value proposition and support it with messaging and visuals. With our combined efforts, we created a brand that built upon the organization’s foundation and heritage and provide a clear path to the future.

nonprofit organization web design and development

Carousel30’s work with PAHO Foundation began with the creation of a revised logo and messaging platform. It was important to our client that there be a strong sense of continuity between their previous logo and branding and their new one. Thus, we maintained a strong relation to the two by incorporating the globe icon from their previous logo into the new one, while modernizing the typeface and colors used.

We also provided a messaging platform as well as other branding and graphics guidelines, including font and color recommendations, graphic treatments and a suite of stationary designs.

nonprofit organization website design and development
Web Design and Development

The new PAHO Foundation website was rebuilt from the ground up on the Drupal Content Management System platform to be an interactive representation of their new brand. Featuring a mobile responsive design and a highly visual design approach, the website also features new copy written by Carousel30 that matches the new messaging platform created for them as part of our rebranding effort.

The website provides an mobile-friendly interface that allows the organization to more easily manage and update their Web presence, and has more flexible content areas that will help as PAHO Foundation’s content strategy continues to grow in its sophistication.

nonprofit organization web design and development