Non-Profit Clients

AdWords Digital Advertising Strategy and Approach​

Carousel30 has worked with several clients in various industries to create Google AdWords advertising strategies that aim to improve website acquisition, engagement, and conversion. In doing so, Carousel30 has been challenged to create Google Grants AdWords campaigns that maximize low budgets while providing high-return results.

While all organizations that Carousel30 has worked with differ in specific objectives and goals, each are similar in that they are looking to increase acquisition to their website, improve overall marketing efforts, and spread awareness of their products and services.

Education-Based Non-Profit

This organization was looking to solve the problem of low brand awareness. After implementing several campaigns that targeted their primary and secondary audiences and creating audience-specific landing pages, metrics showed that not only did their awareness improve, but so did their website behavior engagement rates. Along with achieving the organization’s goals, the AdWords campaign and associated insights helped refine target audiences and website user experience to allow for continual growth towards the organization’s objectives.

Environment-Focused Non-Profit

This organization was looking to improve their audience reach to further promote campaign efforts. Because this organization already had an AdWords campaign implemented that was performing rather well, a different approach was taken to identify new opportunities and audiences that the organization could penetrate. After optimizing existing campaigns and adding several more, acquisition to the website improved significantly and so did their website behavior engagement rates. AdWords has helped this organization identify what drives acquisition and engagement, and has paved the way to optimizing their website in such a way that helps their audience find what they are looking for in an easy and accessible way.