NCBA CLUSA 100th Anniversary

100th Anniversary Campaign

Carousel30 worked with NCBA CLUSA, the international organization representing cooperative businesses, to create a campaign microsite and infographic celebrating their 100-year history, and the many achievements they have been a part of. Carousel30's work is part of a year-long campaign highlighting the contributions of co-ops to the economy, and also the diversity of industries and types of business that they comprise. Our goal was to remain true to NCBA CLUSA's mission while creating dynamic and engaging materials for their content marketing strategy.

Web design and development
Campaign Microsite and Infographic design

The focus of the microsite was to provide information to the general public about the contribution of cooperative businesses to the world, and how they impact our daily lives. With the addition of the infographic, designed by the Carousel30 Creative team, we were able to tell a great story that connects NCBA CLUSA to the food we eat, the places we shop, and even where we bank. The campaign materials we created are part of a year-long content marketing strategy that Carousel30 continues to support.

campaign microsite design and development