The Nature Conservancy

Over the past eight years, Carousel30 has helped build national awareness and behavioral changes aimed at preserving the environment.

Don’t Move Firewood

Don’t Move Firewood is a non-profit campaign created as a part of The Nature Conservancy’s efforts to support the Continental Dialogue on Non-Native Forest Insects and Diseases. Don’t Move Firewood’s mission is to communicate the dangers of moving firewood, which can transport invasive insects and diseases that are killing off trees across North America. The campaign’s goal is to create positive dialogue and action around the issue.

Carousel30 has been the agency of record for Don’t Move Firewood’s marketing and digital needs since inception in 2008. Following focus group research which determined the best way to deliver messaging to the intended audience, Carousel30 developed a national campaign which includes branding, graphic design and illustration for web, print and video, creation and updating of collateral materials for state agencies and organizations with the same cause, support of the “Buy it Where You Burn it” campaign, “That’s What Tree Said” campaign, “Trees, Pests, People campaign” and more.

Carousel30 also supports Don’t Move Firewood’s digital strategy, which includes many tactics such as, Google Grants AdWords strategy, optimization and ongoing implementation, creation and management of website optimization, featuring advanced search technology, a Gallery of Pests, an interactive map, and an extensive resource library, digital games and videos, among other deliverables.

The culmination of this effort has yielded many positive results. An estimated 10 million people have been exposed to the Don’t Move Firewood message through the non-profit organization’s website, print collateral posted in national parks, and through various advertisements in magazines and newsletters (both digital and traditional). Several of the Don’t Move Firewood campaigns are still used nationally and by local organizations alike, continuing to raise awareness on this cause. In fact, a national public survey found key data showing that the overall Don’t Move Firewood campaign has increased awareness by over 21% in the Northwest and Midwest and a decrease of 13% of firewood movement in America. The online digital presence and use of the Google Ad Grants has increased clicks and interactions with the Don’t Move Firewood website by over 25,000 new and native visitors, continuing to grow the awareness of this cause.

Carousel30 has created an infographic series for The Nature Conservancy’s Don’t Move Firewood campaign. Having had success with other types of content marketing in the past, Carousel30 worked with The Nature Conservancy to create a series of infographics that touted the merits of using properly sourced firewood. So far, Carousel30 has created two different infographics using educational factoids about firewood and combined each of them with visually stimulating graphics. Similar organizational themes are prevalent throughout the website. Carousel30 also created branding materials to share the infographic on social media, in the Firewood Professional Community Newsletter, and with statewide agencies and parks.

The first infographic in the series is called the Home Heating Infographic educates users on heating homes or cabins using locally sourced or heat treated firewood. The second infographic in the series is called Get Ready for Adventure, and uses the same elements as the first in the series. Carousel30 will be producing a third infographic that highlights safe firewood when camping. Can you spot the groundhog and squirrel in both infographics?

And as a reminder to our readers: Don’t Move Firewood! Even moving firewood over 25 miles has the risk of transporting pests that you may not be able to see. Buy your firewood where you’ll burn it. Learn more at the website,

Conservation Gateway

Carousel30 designed and developed a website for Conservation Gateway to facilitate information sharing amongst conservationists worldwide. This highly functional online application allows conservation scientists to easily share data through the Drupal Content Management System platform. Behind the scenes, a complex upload and submission process allowed ease of use to scientists to submit and access data in the form of MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint and PDF.

The website netted over 67,000 visits in the first three months since launch without external promotion. It was elevated to top three status within The Nature Conservancy’s online portfolio, and awarded Carousel30 a second phase to the project. In this second phase, Carousel30 also built MyGateway, a members-only section of the website, that included user profiles, custom dashboards and the ability to bookmark content.