Since launching the Masseria website in August 2015 and developing the brand through creative collateral and social media since then, Carousel30 has played an integral part in Masseria’s online presence.

Having Masseria as a client not only plays on our passion for connecting people to places, but it is our first client in the restaurant industry. CEO Greg Kihlström says, “As DC’s restaurant reputation continues to grow, we are proud of our contribution to marketing an excellent new addition to the scene.”

Website Design and Development

Carousel30 worked closely with Stefanelli to create a strategy that combines the restaurant’s clean aesthetic with a functional site that recreates the restaurant’s relaxed, open-air aura in a digital format. The site includes features that allows users to view menus, make reservations, and learn more about the history and culinary vision of Masseria.

The agency’s development capabilities worked hand-in-hand with Masseria’s goals. Chef and owner Nicholas Stefanelli says, “Masseria is about creating an experience for our customers, and our website is often their first time connection with our brand. I needed to make sure that their digital experience is as close to how it would feel to walk in our doors.” The site created by the Carousel30 web design and development team brings in the refreshing feel of Masseria’s cuisine and atmosphere by featuring clean, white space and large photography. The capabilities of the site were created with the user in mind, emphasizing functionality over form to create streamlined navigation.

restaurant web design
Social Media Marketing

Carousel30's work with Masseria's website translated to larger social media marketing efforts which has created a high amount of engagement with diners, and has produced large exposure for the brand.

Following our social media marketing methodology that puts a strong emphasis on research, testing, and optimization, we have continued to optimize our efforts while finding new ways to tell the Masseria story and connect the restaurant to its core audiences. This includes utilizing the #MasseriaMoments hashtag to help illustrate how people share their experiences at the restaurant, as well as finding new and innovative ways to showcase the unique cuisine and location that Masseria offers.

A few highlights since Q1 2016:

  • Increase in Facebook Followers of 90.72%, Total Engagement (Reactions, Comments, and Shares) of 25.46% , and Total Quarterly Reach of 62.06% since Q1 2016
  • Increase in Twitter Followers of 16.57% and Engagement Rate of 9.95% since Q1 2016
  • Increase in Instagram Followers of 113.87% and Total Engagement (Likes and Comments) by 134.22% since Q1 2016

restaurant branding design
Branding and Collateral Design

As an agency that understands how to connect people with places, our work with Masseria allowed us to take a creative approach to creating what are referred to as "Masseria Moments." Each piece created for the restaurant showcases one or more unique aspects of the story behind the brand, the unique space the restaurant occupies, and the creativity in its approach.

To introduce the Masseria brand, Carousel30 developed an introductory book that provides details of both the culinary creations of the restaurant as well as details of the interior of the restaurant. It offers audiences a chance to learn more about the history and culinary vision of Masseria. Carousel30 also produced a collateral collection which included a letterhead, thank you cards, and check presenters, that continue to communicate the luxury brand’s sophisticated presence beyond a diner’s experience at the restaurant.

restaurant branding design