Masseria Branding

Restaurant Branding and Collateral Design

Carousel30 created several types of branding and collateral materials for Masseria, a fine dining restaurant in Washington, D.C.

As an agency that understands how to connect people with places, our work with Masseria allowed us to take a creative approach to creating what are referred to as "Masseria Moments." Each piece created for the restaurant showcases one or more unique aspects of the story behind the brand, the unique space the restaurant occupies, and the creativity in its approach.

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Carousel30 worked closely with Stefanelli to create a book that introduces the Masseria brand, and includes details of both the culinary creations of the restaurant as well as details of the interior of the restaurant. It offers audiences a chance to learn more about the history and culinary vision of Masseria.

The branding and creative capabilities of Carousel30 worked hand-in-hand with the goals of establishing a one-of-a-kind dining experience. Stunning photographs of the space, mixed with clean lines and typography, showcase the story and background behind some key aspects of the restaurant.

restaurant branding and collateral design
Collateral Materials

Carousel30 also produced a collateral collection including letterhead, thank you cards, and check presenters, that continues to communicate the luxury brand’s sophisticated online presence through traditional media.

These branded materials complement a restaurant interior, exterior and other elements of the brand.

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