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Foundation for Impact on Literacy and Learning (formerly USA Today Charitable Foundation), together with Lift a Life Foundation and Yum! Brands Foundation created Lead2Feed to teach students about the importance of great leadership. All the while, they are working to solve our domestic problems with new and innovative solutions. Based the leadership ideas expressed in Yum! Brands Executive Chairman David Novak’s book Taking People With You, the program features lesson plans aimed at teaching high school students the leadership skills they will need to be successful in their careers.

With help from Carousel30, the program now reaches all 50 states and its number of participants continues to grow at a rapidly increasing pace.

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Carousel30 is proud to be the digital agency of record for Lead2Feed, the student leadership program that allows middle and high school students around the United States to learn about becoming successful leaders, while at the same time creating programs designed to end hunger and other issues in their backyards.

Our work with Lead2Feed spans all mediums and channels. From placing advertisements with USA Today’s print and digital editions to creating a website registration process that allows better communication with teachers and students, Carousel30 has worked closely with the organization to streamline processes and promote the program throughout the United States.

Most recently, Carousel30 applied for a Google AdWords Grant on behalf of Lead2Feed. Upon receiving the grant, Carousel30 designed and launched a comprehensive Search Engine Marketing strategy that measures Lead2Feed’s organizational goals while increasing awareness to the target audience. Since its launch, Lead2Feed’s AdWords grant has seen a steady increase in impressions, a marked difference from roughly 3,000 impressions daily to over 15,000 daily, and a higher click through rate that averages 9%, resulting in more traffic to Lead2Feed’s site. All of this is supplemented by a Google Analytics conversion tracking system, recording Lead2Feed’s success in quantifiably as well as qualitatively in the positive feedback that teachers provide on the effectiveness of the program in training student leaders.

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Website Design

Recently, the Carousel30 web design and development team redesigned the Lead2Feed website to be more mobile friendly and offer a greater user experience to its participating teams. We also designed it to increase registrations and sign ups with clearer calls to action and a focus on educating users about the benefits of the program.

The website was also built to handle the program’s check in and project submission system that supports the hundreds of teams who enter at various points throughout the year. This includes video submissions and other information as well as the ability for a single teacher to submit projects for multiple teams of students.

In the first 30 days after launch, we've seen over a 100% increase in traffic to the site as well as a steep increase in inquiries and sign ups. This increase is due to enhancements in Search Engine Optimization. social media marketing as well as the UX and messaging enhancements included as part of the redesign.

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In addition to our marketing and website work, as digital agency of record, Carousel30 continues to extend the Lead2Feed brand to include new marketing materials and branded elements. This is helping as the program continues to grow across the United States.