Howard University

Web Design and Development

Historic Howard University in Washington, DC needed a website that mirrored its innovative focus on research and forward-thinking approach while still honoring the past, present and future of the school. At the same time, Howard’s website needed to be flexible to expand and grow as the school’s existing programs and departments, allowing updates and new pages and sections that are as informative as courses.

Website Design and Development

Carousel30 looked for a solution that would provide Howard University with an information architecture system flexible to expand and grow as the University does. The answer came in a Drupal multi-site configuration that was chosen for its scalability. This website also features a responsive design for mobile utility and a consistently excellent user experience across smartphone, tablet and desktop devices. To honor the storied history of a school founded in 1867, parallax animation and several other interactive elements were added to the homepage that help to illustrate the past, present and future of the school, providing a forward-thinking, mobile-first approach throughout. The Carousel30 web design and development team created a web experience that matched the needs of the University with a vision for the future.

To house the family of websites on a single platform, Carousel30 recommended the use of the Acquia Drupal hosting platform, which provides added flexibility and scalability that the University needs for its expanding program. The Acquia Drupal platform also provided Howard University the ability to migrate all its related university websites onto this platform.

The website’s design and digital experience was nominated as a finalist in the 2015 Partner Site of the Year competition, rewarding sites that feature unique design, functionality, integration, and overall customer experience.