Higher Education Marketing Campaign

Higher Education Marketing Campaign

Carousel30 created a marketing campaign and creative with Vemo Education for one of the nation's top universities.

The campaign was designed to educate students about a new student financing option that is an alternative to traditional student loans. We created a series of compelling content and materials that objectively illustrated how this new financing option compares to the other options that students and their parents have when deciding how to fund their education.

Higher education marketing campaign
Branding and Marketing Collateral

In partnership with Vemo Education, we produced a micro site, several print collateral pieces, and campaign branding and messaging that will be used by the university throughout the lifetime of the campaign. We achieved success by creating a campaign that objectively explained a student's options in a straightforward manner, and made often complex information easy to understand and effectively evaluate.

Our work for this university demonstrates Carousel30's higher education marketing experience, and has been another successful effort in reaching out to this unique audience.