Navy Federal Credit Union

In advance of the launch of Navy Federal’s new online banking platform, Carousel30 was tapped to provide valuable information to its current customers about what was changing. With our experience and expertise in financial services web design, we were brought in to find an effective way to present new information to these existing clientele. As with any major change at a financial institution, customers are always apprehensive about changes to the way they manage their money, pay bills, and perform other tasks. This challenge was kept front and center throughout the process.

financial services website design
Website Design

First, Carousel30 created a microsite that demonstrated and illustrated some of the biggest changes, as well as the similarities between the current online banking platform and the new one. Using screenshots, charts, and an accompanying video, the goal was to make it easy to understand and follow. Carousel30 used our expertise in financial services web design to create an experience that would educate and inform audiences without overwhelming them with information.

financial services web design for Navy Federal

A video featuring voiceover narration as well as animated screenshots was also produced to augment the microsite and NFCU’s other marketing efforts.

The overall online banking effort was a success, culminating in the launch of the new platform. The microsite and video were kept active for a couple months following its launch.

Financial services web design