Alexandria Economic Development Partnership

Digital Agency, Marketing and Advertising, Web Design and Development

When almost every city in the nation is your potential competitor, you could say you’re swimming in a big pool. Luckily, Alexandria, Virginia is nationally recognized as one of the best places to live and do business in the East Coast. So how do you drive continued economic growth to an already thriving location such as Alexandria? Find ways to connect people to the place. Employers, employees, and residents all contribute to the energy and growth of a city.

Alexandria Economic Development Partnership was looking for a digital agency partner who would help raise awareness of the many benefits of working in and with Alexandria, both locally and nationally. As agency of record for Alexandria Economic Development Partnership, our work for AEDP focused on highlighting the opportunities for business and economic growth in the Alexandria, Virginia market. Our work ranged from marketing and advertising on both a local and national level as well as public relations to web and publication design.

Website Redesign

The new website for Alexandria Economic Development Partnership provides the organization with a showcase for the key information that realtors, developers and business owners need when considering Alexandria for a relocation, real estate project or expansion. The site features an interactive mapping tool that allows realtors and developers to search for specific information on desired locations as well as reports and statistics about the area.

The website also offers responsive design, optimized for users across all devices and platforms. Our web design and development team created a Drupal Content Management system that offers flexibility needed for AEDP staff to quickly and efficiently update the site of news, statistics, and any other timely content. It also powers AEDP’s weekly newsletter, which features the latest news from the City and its neighborhood submarkets.

Branding and Marketing Strategy

Carousel30 introduced new brand guidelines to keep all materials produced by Alexandria Economic Development Partnership looking and reflecting the same goals and messaging. We redesigned many of AEDP’s publications, provided individual visual looks for each of Alexandria’s submarkets that are unified under AEDP’s overall brand, including a map that combines all of the elements into one whole for easy reading and access for AEDP’s audiences. All of these materials were provided to AEDP so that they are also able to sustain high-end branding and design for any future products and materials.

Digital Strategy

As the digital market continued to change with increasing technological discoveries, Carousel30 continued to research, review and recommend updates to keep Alexandria Economic Development Partnership’s website and digital presence at front of mind as their digital agency. Keeping abreast of changes in algorithms for search engines helps to optimize SEO and SEM, as well as for their social media marketing efforts.