Event tracking technology white paper by Carousel30 digital agency
Using Tracking Technology: Monitoring Behavior, Action and ROI
Friday, November 01, 2013 | Greg Kihlström

Carousel30 is proud to unveil our latest white paper, "Using Tracking Technology: Monitoring Behavior, Action and ROI." Written by our Founder and CEO, Greg Kihlström, this white paper discusses several important aspects of measurement and analytics, in the context of tracking people at events.

From a simple website with Google Analytics installed, to a complex e-commerce website with CRM integration, and marketing automation, we are able to learn a lot about consumers’ buying behavior and path to purchase when the majority of the activity takes place solely online. 

This approach becomes much more difficult when spanning both online and offline channels. The more the actions lie in the offline world, the more complex this can become. As we’ll discuss later, this is due to the difficulty of finding a mechanism to tie these unique events and actions together. The need for tracking, though, is obvious. When we understand our customers and can understand the effectiveness of our marketing channels, we create an optimal user experience that results in maximum customer satisfaction and sales.

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