Big Data for Digital Marketers
Introduction to Big Data for Digital Marketers
Friday, February 01, 2013 | Greg Kihlström

It’s hard to read a blog, pick up a magazine, or have a conversation about business these days without the term “Big Data” coming up in some form or another. What it is exactly and how it relates to you as a digital marketer can be harder to determine. The purpose of this white paper is to talk about Big Data in terms that relate to marketing and advertising, and more specifically that relate to the digital marketer. There is much more information (or data, if you will) on this subject than this white paper allows, but the objective is to encourage further research and discovery on the areas of the subject that are most relevant to you and your current challenges within your organization or company.

Written by Carousel30's Founder and CEO, Greg Kihlström, the latest white paper from Carousel30 takes the wealth of information currently available about Big Data and distills it into the important points that a digital marketer needs to know when finding ways to analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of their efforts. We also included some helpful statistics and figures in the form of infographics. Finally, there are some practical next steps that we recommend you take if you're just entering the world of Big Data.

It's also important to note that many of the references cited within this white paper provide deeper insights into specific aspects and we recommend reading them in their entirety, especially when they refer to areas of interest to you. We hope that this provides a good introduction to Big Data and is the beginning of a new step in the sophistication of your digital marketing and advertising efforts.

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