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I Became a Content Marketer Last Year: Now What? (Part 3: How to be Successful with Content Marketing)
Tuesday, August 09, 2016 | Greg Kihlström

Despite the challenges that content marketing can present, there are some clear ways to be successful in your efforts. We’ll discuss five now:

  1. Make your content marketing manageable. Remember that you need a strong team, guidelines, and processes to follow. You will also need to maintain a content marketing plan that includes an editorial calendar, of which will help keep you and your teams stay on schedule, organized, and will help balance other opportunities as they arise. It will also help you when it comes time to report on your efforts.

  2. Make your content marketing measurable. This measurement needs to be defined at the start of your content creation efforts and built into everything you create. In addition, having a testing plan will help you optimize your efforts over time. 

  3. Create a plan to grow and share. We definitely know that high levels of engagement with your content is more important than superficial numbers such as followers and likes. However, if your audience is too small, you may be lacking the critical mass you need to grow your engagement. Advertising is becoming critical on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook. Making your content shareable helps with this as well. With everything you make, there needs to be something that makes someone say (or think), “I HAVE to let other people know about this!”

  4. Make it about your audience. What you make has to be useful by solving a problem or answering a question your audience has. It will always be more valuable if what you say answers something they are looking for already. Don’t underestimate the need to make things mobile-friendly either. Over 2 billion people access the web from mobile devices, and 61% of people have a better opinion of brands when they offer a good mobile experience.

  5. Give your audiences something to do. Brands that are successful involve their audience and give them something to do. While brands will never be able to compete with individuals, they can work with them. Interestingly enough, there are only only 3 brands in the YouTube top 500. This means individuals are flocking to see content created by other individuals, more so than content being created by brands. There is no one better than other customers to create content for your business.


So what’s next for a content marketer such as yourself? As with all marketing efforts, you should analyze your results, and continue to review and revise your strategy based on that. Finally you should analyze and optimize your efforts, and repeat the process based on results from your testing.

While it can be quite a commitment to become a content marketer, those who have started to benefit from it know that it provides a long-term relationship with customers, which is a perfect complement to your more direct, short-term marketing efforts.

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