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Digital Marketing News: Facebook's Event App Optimization, Twitter's Knip, and Snapchat's Bitmoji Integration
Friday, July 22, 2016 | Carousel30


With updates released daily, it can get hard to keep track of the most important news. So, before you throw your next Poké Ball in Pokémon Go, take a second and catch up on a few updates you may have missed.

Brand News

In the past week, much has happened in the world of advertising, applications, and search engines. AdWeek recently sold to a private equity firm with the goal of expanding current editorial content. For the first time in three years, Netflix reported a large decline in user growth and a 14% decline in shares. This isn’t surprising as it was also recently reported that since 2011, traditional TV viewing time by Millennials has declined by 40% due to a shift in activity preference. Just six months after hitting 1 billion rides and heavily recruiting drivers and passengers, Uber logged 2 billion rides. As for advertising, Yahoo reported a further decline in search and advertising revenue, while Bing reported a 16% increase YoY in advertising revenue, with much of its revenue from Windows 10 users.

Paid Advertising Updates

Paid advertising platforms are becoming more valuable as they continue to provide advertisers new capabilities and actionable insights. AdWords recently released a new feature that gives managers of multiple AdWords accounts notifications and easier user management. The advertising platform has also added the ability to add Price Extensions to advertisements, allowing advertisers to showcase even more content. Furthermore, AdWords cross-device conversions will soon be available within the Conversions column of attribution tables to provide a complete view of performance which will help advertisers determine the value of mobile in marketing efforts. Facebook has also improved their advertising platform by giving advertisers more targeting options to increase mobile app installs with Facebook’s Event App Optimization. In addition, during Google’s DoubleClick Leadership Summit, it was announced that advertisements on AMP pages will soon be able to load as fast as landing page content, which will help improve user engagement amongst advertisements.

Social Media Updates

From updates that streamline user experience to those that give additional user behavior insight, social media platforms have continued to release updates that make it easier to communicate with, and analyze, consumers online. Since implementing Facebook Reactions, there has been a 29% increase in Reactions on brand pages, of which 93.5% are Likes. In an effort to further promote user engagement on the platform, the company is spending $2.2 million in payments to encourage Facebook Live usage amongst web celebrities. Facebook also has its eye on the holidays, as a new report was released that provides insights on consumer shopping behavior during the holiday season. Twitter’s platform, Knip, opened up its Audience API so that any brand can use the tool to understand demographics and interests about users who see branded tweets or visits the brand’s website. Twitter also announced the release of a Verified Account application form which gives users the opportunity to become Twitter verified in a matter of hours. In other social news, Snapchat has integrated Bitmoji into the platform allowing users to share personalized emojis, and Instagram has officially launched Business Profiles.

Application Updates

Google Maps has unfortunately continued to decrease the amount of local listings that appear within search results. The application has however given users the opportunity to easily add and change venues and venue details. IBM Watson will soon be introduced to Macy’s shoppers in an effort to provide an experience that doesn’t require a sales representative. After suspending service for a second time, What’sApp has been re-introduced in Brazil. Facebook’s Messenger recently reported that the platform has reached one billion active users monthly. To improve pick-up location accuracy, Uber will soon be using high-res satellite imagery by means of DigitalGlobe’s WordView-3. Shutterstock recently launched a new feature that suggests keywords for images being uploaded to streamline the process for contributors. If you haven’t yet, be sure to check out Prisma, the new application that has gotten quite the buzz for taking images and transforming them into pieces of artwork.


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