Awarding Our Company Culture is the Best Type of Recognition
Monday, December 14, 2015 | Greg Kihlström

Last Tuesday evening, I was honored to attend the SmartCEO Corporate Culture Awards at the Fillmore in Silver Spring, Maryland to receive an award for Carousel30 and the environment we’ve created for our employees.

Over the years, Carousel30 has been recognized by many different types of awards for our creative, marketing and technology work. Everything from national and international competitions like the Webby Awards and ADDY Awards to other smaller local competitions have given our team the honors they deserve for a job well done. As an agency, we’ve also been a regular of the Washington Business Journal’s Book of Lists, and a finalist for iMedia’s Small Agency of the Year.

There is something different, however, about receiving an award for the culture of our agency, and as the founder and CEO of Carousel30, I consider this the most meaningful award we’ve ever received. It’s also something I’ve worked very hard to achieve both since our founding twelve years ago, but also since I took full ownership of the agency in the summer of 2014.

Company culture isn’t just about doing great work, or being rewarded for it. I often tell people, whether they are employees, partners or clients, that the true test of a relationship isn’t when things are going well, but when things are going terribly. In those stressful, challenging times, we often find out who we truly are, and find our greatest strength and weaknesses.

I’m proud to say that I’m surrounded by a team that goes beyond the “work hard, play hard” mantra that is often overstated in our (and many others) industry. Ability and talent are the foundation and a given, but beyond that is a culture that demands excellence because a team works together and a teammate doesn’t drop the ball on their fellow team member. This notion of a team extends beyond Carousel30’s four walls and to our partners and clients. We all succeed together.

We’ve written our company values on our wall as a reminder that we always need to understand what is important. This includes working together, a democracy of ideas, and the belief that greater understanding leads to greater results.

Beyond that, the company must do everything within its means to provide a place where people can thrive. Great benefits, flexible work schedules, company team building and a collaborative environment are ways that Carousel30 has managed to build the type of organization that is recognized by an organization like SmartCEO for the type of culture we provide our employees.

I look forward to another 12 years of great success, and am thankful that this most important type of recognition was given to Carousel30. It is further proof that we are onto something great here, and I take it as a challenge to continue to improve what we have.


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