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18 Things Your Web Redesign Needs | #8: Content Strategy
Thursday, June 23, 2016 | Greg Kihlström

We continue our review of the important things you need to keep in mind when planning your organization’s new website design and development project with a discussion of your content strategy.

What is Content Strategy?

The content strategy for your website is a combination of things. It is a plan for the present and the future of your site, and includes:

  • How content will be created
    Who is writing content, how will it be approved, who will publish it?

  • How content will be consumed
    How is content displayed on the site, and who is looking at it?

  • How content will be managed
    How are edits made, how easy is it to make changes to the various areas of the site, and by what process or workflow is content published?

  • How content will be distributed
    How are you making your website easy for Search Engines to read, and how shareable is the content?

  • How your content will be optimized
    What is the process by which content will be evaluated and what is the criteria?

A good content strategy will also tie into your other marketing channels and tactics such as social media marketing and advertising, making sure that timing and branding is continuous.

Existing Content

Before you think about writing new content for your website, it’s good to take an audit of what you already have and determine what you’d like to keep. There are many kinds of content that will not need to change with your new site, such as press releases, blog posts, photos and videos that are relevant for archiving purposes.

New Content

Just as there may be some content that you want to keep, there will undoubtedly be new content that needs to be created. In some cases, it may be copy that needs to be featured on brand new pages. In others, you may need to rework existing content for new page layouts or presentation of content on the site.

Make sure you have a clear copywriting plan, or that your agency understands your brand and voice when approaching this.


A solid content strategy will ensure that the copy and imagery on your website is cohesive and will serve your organization on a long-term basis, well after the initial launch of your new site. Our next post will discuss how to plan the mobile approach of your new website.

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