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18 Things Your Web Redesign Needs | #14: Content Management
Thursday, November 03, 2016 | Greg Kihlström

We continue our review of the important things you need to keep in mind when planning your organization’s new website design and development project delving into the importance of managing content on your new site.

While it’s a slightly less glamorous topic than some of the more visual aspects of the website, how you manage content on your new website is something that you will be living with well after the initial launch. Often, a chief complaint people have of their current website is that it is “out of date” or doesn’t reflect the company or organization as it currently stands. Many times, this is due to the difficulty of managing and updating content.
We’re going to talk about a few things related to content management in the items that follow.

The Content Management System

Your website’s Content Management System (CMS) and the way that it is configured will have a lot of influence over how easy it is to keep content updated after launch. You’ll also want to think about which Content Management System (CMS) you’ll be using. 


Is one person the “owner” of the content on your website, or do you have an approval process that requires someone to review the content before it goes live? The workflow of editing is something you need to think through as you plan your website.

You can choose to handle content creation, editing and approval through your website’s content management system, or you can choose to do it “offline,” or through external documents or other methods that aren’t automated by your CMS.

Even though some of this is a very technical component, it’s important for you to think about how easy or difficult it will be to make changes to content on your site. Every organization is different, and many have compliance requirements that may require additional review. Try to plan a process that makes it as streamlined as possible within any limitations your company might have.

What is editable?

Make sure that in addition to the layout of your pages and the organization of sections on your site, you also take into account what on your pages will actually be editable and the process of making changes to different sections on your site.

Many of the complaints that we receive from potential clients with website redesign projects are based around the fact that they have a hard time making updates to certain pages, areas of pages, or listings on pages. Make sure your web agency can tell you how you will be able to manage different areas of your new site. Also, help things out by thinking through what areas of your site or which pieces of content will require the most frequent updates. This will be helpful for anyone designing and developing your site to know.


Content management is about a lot more than simply what CMS you decide to implement for your new website. Thinking through this aspect of your website will help your website age well, and will help make sure the process of keeping your site updated is as streamlined as possible.

Our next post will discuss how to make sure the right level of interactivity is incorporated into your new web site.

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