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18 Things Your Web Redesign Needs | #11: Platform
Friday, July 29, 2016 | Greg Kihlström

We continue our review of the important things you need to keep in mind when planning your organization’s new website design and development project with the subject of website platforms. While many times this can be a very technical subject, there are important things a marketer should understand about the underlying infrastructure of a new site.

The primary two things you should be aware of are the hosting platform and Content Management System.

Hosting Platform

Generally speaking, a marketing team won’t have a lot of say over the host for the organization’s website. However, there are certainly different types of hosts, from more basic platforms with limited support, to full-featured enterprise platforms with superior levels of service. It is recommended that you at least work with your IT team to know what you can expect about uptime and response time, should you ever need it.

Content Management System (CMS)

The CMS platform you choose has a huge effect on the way that your website is maintained and updated, as well as the cost and time required for improvements and enhancements. Depending on the size of your organization, and the needs of your website, different platforms will make more sense than others.

While a lot of this might be dictated by your Technology team, remember that there are major implications that will affect your content management experience.

Make sure you are able to review and evaluate the Content Management System platform you will be using to ensure that it fits your needs. You and your team will be spending a lot of time with it, so it’s good to make sure it will work for your needs.


While typically a more technology-driven conversation, the choice of platform is an important decision during the web design and development process. From security and reliability, to the experience you will have managing content, there are major implications on the decisions made in this area.

Continuing our series on web design and development for marketers, our next post will discuss how to plan the features and functionality you need for your organization’s new website.

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