About Us

We're not just about digital. We connect people to the things they love through their favorite channels.


We believe that with a deep understanding comes true success for our clients. This means truly understanding both our clients values and needs as well as their audiences values and needs. Only when this occurs can we plan, design and implement solutions that connect people to what they desire. Above all else, that is the business that we are in. This takes many forms, from websites to mobile apps, to awareness campaigns or even more specific things like email marketing. At the end of the day, however, what drives our work is a fundamental understanding of what is really important.


We are optimistic about the future, and believe that technology is here to help us. We believe it is our job to help connect brands to their audiences in tangible, meaningful ways that are mutually beneficial. Through communications and interaction, it is our mission to bring people closer together, closer to things they love, and create connections that never existed before. For the past 12 years since our founding, this is what we strive to do with every project and campaign we create.

Greg Kihlstrom | Founder and CEO
Romie Stefanelli | Managing Director
Social Responsibility

One of our 5 core values is "All for One," which to us means it is our duty to help each other. Whether it's volunteering to help clean up the National Mall for an afternoon, doing pro bono design and marketing work for local charities, or taking on an annual pro bono client, we pursue causes and activities that put our skills to good use for others. We know that our talents are something that are meant to be shared with others, and we're proud of the things we've been able to accomplish with our pro bono and volunteer work. We also strongly believe in supporting the professional organizations that help those who are new to our fields learn more and grow in their careers. Because of this, we actively participate in industry organizations and volunteer for leadership and mentoring positions to help grow the next generation of advertisers and marketers.

Pro Bono Clients

Trust for the George Washington Memorial Parkway (2015)
Carousel30 is providing branding and marketing services to this newly-formed nonprofit partner to the National Park Service. Its mission is to raise funds to provide education and programs related to sites along the Parkway.

Community Coalition for Haiti (2014)
Carousel30 provided branding and marketing consulting services for Community Coalition for Haiti's Mt. Fleury project, whose goal is to provide sustainable educational facilities for communities in Haiti.

DC Ad Club (American Advertising Federation) (2012-2013)
Carousel30 worked on the rebranding of DC Ad Club as part of an in-kind donation to the organization. 

Furniture for Good (2011)
Carousel30 provided marketing and design services to this nonprofit that accepts donated furniture and household goods, sells the items on Craigslist, and donates a percentage of the profits to fellow nonprofit partners. 

OurEarth.org (2009-2010)
Carousel30 partnered with OurEarth.org to provide pro bono aid in this small non-profit's online marketing, digital PR and creative assets. Founded in 2006 by students at Johns Hopkins University, OurEarth.org began with the simple idea to make it easier for the public to find environmental information. 


As part of our commitment to helping young professionals in the advertising and marketing industries, we have provided mentorship through the DC Ad Club's Career Catalyst program and have provided informational interviews to the winners of the Advertising Week DC CREATE competition. We also frequently speak to groups of students to give career advice and provide other insights about the advertising and marketing industry. We have spoken to students at American University, Georgetown University, Virginia Tech, Westwood College and others and have participated in the American Advertising Federation Student Conference for the past three years.

We work with top marketing and technology companies to provide the best solutions for our clients:
Industries We Serve

You want to know that the agency working with you has the experience and knowledge to guide you to be the best in class within your industry. Carousel30 brings a strong background in several key industries and combines it with a diverse range of successful campaigns and projects to give you the best of both worlds: a specialization in what you do, with a deep understanding of best practices within the marketing industry as a whole.

Financial Services
Connecting people to the things they value

Carousel30 has a strong background in the financial services sector, and it continues to be one of our key areas of focus. Our team has past experience with organizations such as Sallie Mae, Experian, Marketwatch and others. Carousel30 has worked with organizations such as Navy Federal Credit Union, GEICO, United Educators and Navient. Our current financial services clients include a local bank, regional bank and credit union. We understand how important customers’ relationships with their financial institution is, and how important it is to provide a transparent, straightforward, and secure method of communication.

Associations and Nonprofits
Connecting people to the causes they care about

Carousel30 has a 12-year history of working with membership associations and nonprofit organizations. From the associations in the country, such as AARP and American Chemical Society, to the largest NGOs in the world such as The Nature Conservancy and United Nations, we know how to connect people to the causes they care about most. We also appreciate how unique membership associations and nonprofit organizations are in the way they both achieve their mission.

Connecting people to the places they love

We have worked with governments at the State, County, and City level. We’ve worked with economic development organizations at the County (Allegheny County, PA, Montgomery County, MD), City (Alexandria, VA and Arlington, VA) and neighborhood Business Improvement District level (Golden Triangle DC). We’ve worked with commercial real estate developers, property managers and individual buildings (Akridge, Vornado). Finally, we’ve worked with historic sites like the National Mall and Union Station, and worked with The Nature Conservancy to protect urban forest and national forests, and NASF to protect state forests.

Connecting people to the future

We have broad experience in the education sector, creating marketing campaigns and websites for a variety of initiatives. From higher education (Howard University, The Washington Center, Virginia Tech), high school (Lead2Feed, National Guard, Tennessee Higher Education Commission), and elementary school (Oneness Family School), we have worked in many levels working with several different age demographics. This experience has helped us understand how to talk to teachers, students, and parents about a wide variety of issues and causes.