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Elements of a Successful Content Strategy

Carousel30's experience with content strategy spans the many different types of work we do for client, from branding, marketing to interactive experiences. Creating effective content that can be efficiently utilized throughout an organization or for the duration of a campaign is an important part of your marketing efforts. Based on a series of articles written by our Founder and CEO Greg Kihlström, this white paper illustrates Carousel30's approach to creating and maintaining an effective content strategy for your organization.

The content is organized by the following categories:

  • 1: Strategy 
    This is where you create your plan based on your organization's unique goals and audiences
  • 2: Content creation
    This is where you create the content that will help your implement your strategy
  • 3: Content marketing 
    This is where you implement your strategy through the use of campaigns and other marketing tactics
  • 4: Content management 
    Here we discuss how you organize and use the content you create most efficiently
  • 5: Measurement
    Finally, we discuss how to measure and optimize your efforts so that you can be most effective

This white paper is intended to explain how to create an effective content strategy, a critical piece of marketing for businesses of all kinds. Having an effective content marketing plan can yield great benefits that reach audiences you might not otherwise reach. There is not a single organization that can’t benefit from a content strategy, though the complexity and sophistication of yours will depend on the marketing needs, size, and scale of your organization. Carousel30 CEO Greg Kihlström expands on these ideas and walks through five essential elements that comprise a successful long-term content strategy and marketing program. These are written for any type of organization from a large corporation to a small nonprofit.

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