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Social Responsibility

We promote the common good by happily volunteering our time and skills

Every agency has it’s ‘thing’, and we like to think that our ‘thing’ is charitable giving.
Our agency was built on serving with purpose and intent—and with that, we thrive when we assist pro bono clients, volunteer at organizations, and complete hands-on work that has an immediate impact on the community.

We’re a company that finds excitement in building connections between people, brands, emotions and causes. Through these connections, we have seen first-hand the impacts that a solid, two-way connection can have on individuals, communities, and organizations. While our agency’s focal point is connecting brands with their audiences through marketing, digital, and creative projects, our passion that fuels that focal point comes from one of the basic building blocks that Carousel30 was founded upon, a genuine commitment to helping others.

Since the agency’s creation in 2003, we have made it our promise to assist the community and spread awareness of important causes. Whether it’s working with the Community Coalition for Haiti as a pro bono client or hands-on volunteering at the Washington Humane Society, we understand the importance of pursuing opportunities that allow others in our community to flourish.

We have set large social responsibility goals to accomplish over the next 5 years, and we look forward to each step of the way.

Greg Kihlström
Founder & CEO
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